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  • Jan 2023
    Nice, good looking car. Excellent driving.
    —Jonathan S - 2017 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Jan 2023
    Absolutely awesome car to drive. Was wondering if it would be worth it spending the extra money, and it totally is! We've actually enjoyed our commute in rush hour traffic. The dashboard tells us when it's using petrol vs the battery, so it helps educate us in a better way to drive so we are more economical. We will never buy anything else in the future unless it is at least as good as this. Spending the extra money on a hybrid is totally worth it.
    —Nasser G - 2017 Toyota Aqua Crossover
  • Jan 2023
    Amazing car
    —Dhara P - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Jan 2023
    Thank you so much.i am very happy about the car.
    —Ramya N - 2017 Toyota Aqua G LEATHER PACKAGE
  • Jan 2023
    I am really happy with my Aqua so far and am delighted with the savings on fuel.
    —Mary H - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid S
  • Jan 2023
    My car that I purchase is very fuel friendly and very relaxing to drive
    —Resty M - 2017 Toyota Aqua $1700 Rebate Special Price !
  • Jan 2023
    I like the car it suits me.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    —LEOMYL P - 2017 Toyota AQUA Possible rebate of $1,594.14
  • Jan 2023
    Car go's well, smooth and quite and great on fuel
    —Edward K - 2017 Toyota AQUA L - Hybrid
  • Jan 2023
    good car and fuel efficient, easy to park
    —Weiqiang Z - 2017 Toyota Aqua S Package Safety Sense 6 Airbags
  • Jan 2023
    The car is really good fuel wise. Very smooth when you are driving it.
    —Emmanuel B - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Jan 2023
    It is a great car.
    —Carol L - 2017 Toyota Aqua S
  • Dec 2022
    It's a good vehicle
    —VTRAVELS LIMITED - 2017 Toyota Aqua 1.5L Facelift Hybrid
  • Dec 2022
    Its ah good because not expensive the gasoline because its highbrid car.
    —Daniel M - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Dec 2022
    Although it's a compact car, there's enough headroom for tall people (6'4"). It's not as quickly responsive as an equivalent petrol car, and is a little noisy when asked to get going quickly. But it's steady and willing and gets you where you need to be - be that quickly overtaking or up a good hill. And once there, it quietens down and purrs along. Fuel consumption lives up to expectations.
    —Janice W - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid S
  • Dec 2022
    Zippier than the Prius that we already own. Seems alot more economical to run than the Prius (and the Prius was already very economical to run). Very pleased with both cars though. We use the Aqua around town and the Prius for out of town trips.
    —Lisa W - 2017 Toyota Aqua New Model / S Spec
  • Dec 2022
    The best and economic car
    —Jesica D - 2017 Toyota Aqua HYBRID
  • Dec 2022
    So far a great little car!
    —Michelle C - 2017 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid S Package with TSS
  • Dec 2022
    Nice looking, drives well
    —Karen H - 2017 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • Dec 2022
    This hybrid is what we looking for.Very smooth and fuel efficient..
    —CHUCHI SERVICE LIMITED - 2017 Toyota Aqua "S Grade"
  • Nov 2022
    Initially I didn't realise how handy a rear windshield wiper would be until I was driving down the motorway without one and it was torrential down pours. The window is slanted so the water rolled off, but it was definitely a new experience and one would have been great in that moment. I love the dashboard display and find overall the car is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I have easily adjusted to this vehicle and am enjoying using it.
    —Ashley S - 2017 Toyota Aqua L Prius C Hybrid
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